Areas of Practice

Telecommunications and Media


  • Infrastructure development projects and service provision
  • Negotiation of agreements with service providers (DVNO, MVNO, IRU, among other)
  • Telecommunication concessions (television, radio, land-line and cellular telephone service)
  • Litigation of telecommunication agreements
  • Sale of assets to provide telecommunication services
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Agreements for audiovisual productions

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

  • Legal advisors of operators of the telecommunication sector at national and international level, such as ETB, Transtel, Orange, Colombia Telecomunicaciones, TV Cable, AT&T Colombia
  • Telecommunication projects of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia
  • Legal counselor of the Comisión Nacional de Televisión/Autoridad Nacional de Televisión in arbitrations against television concessionaries
  • Strengthening project with which Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP selected Telefónica Internacional as strategic partner
  • Projects for the contracting of internal information systems of Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP
  • Participation in radio-electric spectrum public bid for 4G services by Empresa de Teléfonos de Bogotá – ETB
  • Structuring of infrastructure sharing model between ETB, TIGO, and Telefónica
  • Controversies of Grupo Transtel on excess charges
  • Sale and installation of telecommunication equipment and associate services between Telefónica and Orange (France Telecom)