Areas of Practice



  • Simple and syndicated banking credits
  • Capital market
  • Issue of shares, debt, and other structured products
  • Securitization
  • Derivate agreements
  • Guarantees/Collaterals and trusts
  • Regulatory matters
  • Leasing, factoring, renting

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

  • Issue and refinancing of international notes of Transtel
  • Notes issue (GLP) Canada
  • Delisting of Cine Colombia and of Diaco
  • Joint and crossed OPAs of Ingenio Central Tumaco
  • Syndicated financing of Termobarranquilla (UBS and Paribas)
  • Financing of Chivor and Betania (JP Morgan)
  • Nomura Derivate Advising
  • Trust Guarantees/Collaterals to Deustche Bank