Areas of Practice

Arbitration and Litigation


  • National and international legal proceedings and arbitrations
  • Arbitrators, settlers, mediators, and amicable compounders
  • Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Sanctioning administrative actions by public authorities
  • Competition litigation

Accomplished or ongoing experiences

  • Arbitration of CONALVIAS vs. Acueducto Metropolitano de Bucaramanga
  • International arbitration of Carbones San Fernando vs. Glencore International AG
  • Arbitrations of the Autoridad Nacional de Television (CNTV and ANTV) vs. Caracol and RCN Television
  • International arbitration Ecogas vs. Uniwhale de Colombia
  • Arbitrations for exclusive service areas (Efigas and Gases de Occidente) vs. Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Arbitration Grupo Pegasus vs. NGE
  • Arbitration Gazel S.A.S. vs. Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Arbitrations of Grupo Gilinski vs. Bancolombia
  • Arbitration of Transtel vs. Siemens
  • Arbitration of the Dart International branch vs. Mohave Colombia Corporation
  • Attorney in popular actions of Organización Terpel and Brío de Colombia
  • Corporate process CAH vs. CAH China
  • Corporate process EEB vs. Codensa
  • Judicial counsel for a number of law actions against governmental decisions by superintendence offices, governmental agencies and other public authorities